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Unable to Create Account

You could just call Flash for help, or try registering again with a different avatar name, but if you want to try using Second Life "Help," instructions for doing so follow:

Go to

Click on Help in the upper right corner.

At the Second Life home page, click on "Help" in the upper right corner; it's just to the left of "Join Now."

From the drop down menu select, "Submit a Ticket."

Use the "Guest Account" login to the right.

Enter your e-mail and click, "Submit."

Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click, "Click here to submit a ticket."

Enter the info below into the fields as follows:
* Summary: could not register
* Ticket type: Special Questions - Basic account or Guest Login
If issue is about an Alt account, what account?: (leave blank)
Basic or Guest Access - only a few ticket types allowed: Account issues
* Did you check the Knowledge Base?: Yes, and my answer was not there
Preferred Language: (your choice)
* Details: (Explain what happened. If you got an error message, such as "Access Denied," copy and paste it here.)
Reference Ticket number: (Leave blank unless you tried this previously and got a ticket number.)
When you've entered all the data, click "Finish>>"

Write down the tracking number for your new ticket. You'll need it to find the reply in the support track, or in case you need to follow up on their reply. Unfortunately it may take a few days for them to respond. To check your ticket, login again as described above. When you get to the "Submit a Ticket" page, look in the left hand frame under, "My Recent Requests." Find your tracking number there and click on it to bring up your ticket. Additional information may be required. If so, submit the requested info. When you finally get a response, continue by clicking one of the links below. If you're not attached to the avatar name you selected, you might want to just start over, and try to register with a new avatar name.

I was not able to create an account,
now I'm ready to call Flash for help.

I was able to create an account,
now I'm ready to download the viewer.

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