ASCI Metaverse Meetings

Selected Transcripts

Flashing Merlin moderates the SL ASCI Meetings
on the last Sunday of each month in Quat Gallery.

11.29.2009 with pale Infinity, MrChristopher Jurassic, Luna Khalim, Flashing Merlin, Samson Novi, Lost Oddfellow, QuantumMan Wonder, Mrags Writer

QuantumMan Wonder: i once was a physicist, now i am an ephemeral byte object in cyberspace.

3.28.10 with Creativity Farshore, sina Aries, Vesna Vendetta, Flashing Merlin, traktox Xue, Foramsam Popstar, and spirit Radikal

Creativity Farshore: Bell Labs was a magic place where anything became possible. All you had to do was wish it and help to make it happen. Sort of like here.

Topics 4.25.10

4.25.10 Topics will include: Spinloricus Cinzia, first anoxic animal:

Hawkings on alien life:

How old is the Metaverse?

4.25.10 transcript with Ahli Rasa, Theodolite Wickentower, Vesna Vendetta, Fleche Xeno, Flashing Merlin, Rey Trapdoor, lyndzy Starsider, Close Aura, spirit Radikal

Fleche Xeno: I developed a home light system that produced high quality sunlight to cure season affective disorders.
Flashing Merlin: was there a measurable outcome ?
Fleche Xeno: for me, I won a million L$ [L$ = Linden dollars, the virtual currency used in Second Life]

Topics 5.30.10

5.30.10 Avatar Foramsam Popstar, a biologist who regularly works at McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic, has promised to lead a discussion of the first synthetic life-form, a cell created from computer generated DNA code, which was recently announced by Dr. J. Craig Venter

We will also try to get to the metaphysics of particle colliders: Joe Lykken, a theorist at Fermilab, said, 鉄o I would not say that this announcement is the equivalent of seeing the face of God, but it might turn out to be the toe of God."

Russian leader contacts space aliens: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the southern region of Kalymkia, in Russia, apparently disagrees with Hawking, claiming to have communicated with space aliens:

5.30.10 transcript with Rudd Denver, pale Infinity, Orios Luminos, Vesna Vendetta, maxime Mothman, Flashing Merlin, Sandor Zabelin, Creativity Farshore, ArtWorld Market, Prince Larix

Creativity Farshore: years ago, i was in a panel with isaac asimov as the keynote speaker - he indicated that by the time any civilization reached our level of development, they had the means and will to destroy each other, so that life forms are around for such a short period of time that he didn't expect two sets of et's/aliens to meet at the same time.

Topics 8.29.10

8.29.10 This month we値l discuss angry robots:

Whiskey to gasoline:

And if we can get to it, the fate of the universe:

8.29.10 transcript with Mrags Writer, pale Infinity, Flashing Merlin, Gilles Kuhn, Ataraxia Azemus, and Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: The idea is to make robots seem more human... but should we even try for anger in robots?
Mrags Writer: well in most SciFi the creator doesn't make out to well when the robot gets angry
Flashing Merlin: Agreed Mrags. I'd rather they work on say, a sense of humor, but do we want robots playing jokes on us?

Topics 9.26.10

9.26.10 We'll discuss Hawking on Godless creation:

We値l ask whether science needs to consult the public before coming to conclusions:

We値l try to get to the implications of recent observations that solar flares alter the rate of radioactive decay, once thought to be constant:

And if we have time, we値l discuss Beer bugs in space:

9.26.10 transcript with pale Infinity, fama Poleni, Xhyra Graf, Flashing Merlin, Tonymontana Skodlow, and Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: Ok, my interpretation is that men and gods co-evolved, Xhyra says many explanations are possible, fama says god created the universe
Xhyra Graf: if were we to meet an alien that had different 'scientific' rules in explanation of the universe, we would still be describing the same universe.
Flashing Merlin: Agreed Xhyra! I'm not an alien and I have different science rules than Hawking... I'm a fan of Steady State Theory rather than the Big Bang.

ASCI Topics 10-31-2010

10.31.10 All are welcome, in costume or not. In honor of Halloween we値l start by discussing, 迭aising the Dead: by Means of Art and Science. ( )

We値l also discuss the role of art & science in determining morality, as we consider the Witches Rede, 的f it harms none, do what ye will, and how that relates to primate morals ( )

Finally we値l try to get to some winners of this year痴 Ig Nobel Prize ( ), specifically a team of Chinese researchers led by Min Tan of Guangdong Entomological Institute who won a biology IgNobel for scientifically documenting the sex lives of bats, and the pioneering work of Richard Stephens and colleagues of Britain's Keele University for confirming that swearing oaths when you stub your toe relieves pain. ( )

10.31.10 transcript with Creativity Farshore, Ginna Decosta, Kavi Aldrin, spirit Radikal, Mrags Writer, pale Infinity, Flashing Merlin, Abhijeet Binstok, Isabelle, Valery Avedon

Flashing Merlin: Can't you think of a few good people to raise from the dead who might help the world now?
Creativity Farshore: How do we know who are the best? By reputation - often developed by good PR or by bad history books?
Flashing Merlin: Excellent point. Ghandi might be helpful, but he probably wouldn't want to come back - that escaping the wheel of reincarnation thing.

ASCI Topics 3.27.2011

In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan we will ponder whether "safe nuclear energy" is an oxymoron.

We will ask if the lost continent of Atlantis has finally been found under a mud flat:

We will consider a NASA scientist's claim of finding alien fossils:

If we have time, we'll have fun with a laser tractor beam:

and a collider time machine:

3.27.11 transcript with: Vesna Vendetta, pale Infinity, Creativity Farshore, Xhyra Graf, Flashing Merlin, Watersci Resident, Mrags Writer, Li11ia Resident, Wary Clarity

Creativity Farshore: Nuclear energy is perfectly safe. We get it from the sun everyday. We just should avoid making it on earth.
George Black: I'd rather live next to a nuke plant than a coal plant any day
Flashing Merlin: Not on the day it's melting down, George!

ASCI Topics 9-25-2011

Can we / should we change the weather?

Do cosmic rays effect weather on Earth?

One potentially habitable exoplanet found?

And if we have time: Biomorphic progress?

New approach to fighting viral infections:

Was Tatooine found?

9.25.11 transcript with: Pale Infinity, Creativity Farshore, ergan Breuilly, Flashing Merlin, Mrags Writer,

Flashing Merlin: Perhaps the first question is do we believe in global warming?
Creativity Farshore: However, I think there is another fascinating question. As artists, the question is do we wish to create a different world, or should we work on creating different humans. After all, we've got genetics and robotics, and who knows what else. So let's be creative and leave all options open.
Flashing Merlin: So you want to change humans to adapt to changing weather, Creativity?
Creativity Farshore: Maybe we can create a new species which doesn't even believe in political parties.
Flashing Merlin: I think we used to have that Creativity; it was called survival of the fittest.

ASCI Topics 11-27-2011

Will NASA痴 Curiosity succeed?

Has Obama lost the ET vote?

Did CERN break the speed limit again?

11.27.11 transcript with: pale Infinity, Flashing Merlin, Carole Rivera, Creativity Farshore, Xeno Octavia, Mrags Writer, Rue Moonwall, Isekia, electricmind, Nickmeister Taffeta, Davetheman Moorlord, Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: We're on the first topic: NASA's Curiosity. Any opinions?
Xeno Octavia: shudda sent live people : )) preferably --heads of states
Flashing Merlin: Xeno, which head of state would you like to see sent to Mars first?
Xeno Octavia: the whole republican congregation
Mrags Writer: all of them *Smile*
Creativity Farshore: Why send unintelligent life to Mars?

ASCI Topics 2-26-2012

Lunar base, or lunacy?

Would you eat synthetic meat?

Support for Milankovitch's theory of climate change?

2.26.12 transcript with: Chraeloos, Creativity Farshore, Amandeep Timeless, Case Wrangler, Flashing Merlin, Rue Moonwall, Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: What do we think of building a lunar base?
Chraeloos: Who would be building the base, Flashing?
Flashing Merlin: Good question. Gingrich suggested private industry could be given incentives to build it
Creativity Farshore: chraeloos - kids need to begin thinking about what we are doing to the planet (climate change, etc) - art may be the best way to begin to express this --- once we get to the moon, then the kids can begin to do art to show how we are messing up the moon
Flashing Merlin: Virgin Galactic is already booking passengers for space flights
Chraeloos: What would the purpose of the moon base be?
Flashing Merlin: If people will spend hundreds of thousands for a few seconds in orbit, would they pay to visit a casino on the moon?
Chraeloos: I think some would, but only a certain few "elites"
Creativity Farshore: It depends what the odds are at the casino - if they are guaranteed to win, they would go.
[Editor's note: The reverse of strategy on Earth, where you give gamblers a free trip to the casino, and make money on their gambling loses; on the Moon, you'd let them win a little, and make money on the millions for the ticket to get there.]

ASCI Topics 3-25-2012

Life on Dione?

Smart paper?

Crowdsourcing the ET search:

If we have time:

Do our bacteria talk about us?

Nano-sculpture speed record:

Further in the dark:

3.25.12 transcript with: Lartorvis Sweetwater, Swede Bigbear, Pale Infinity, Wildthing Seaside. Flashing Merlin, Mrags Writer, Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: Do we imagine our microbes are talking about us?
Lartorvis Sweetwater: "For a cell system typically thought of as existing only to kill other bacteria ... the results are surprising... because they suggest that a CDI+ inhibitor cell has to get permission from its target in order to do the job." That's crazy. Can I kill you? Umm sure.
Lartorvis Sweetwater laughs
Mrags Writer: can you imagine the gossip
Mrags Writer: *Smile*
Flashing Merlin: Hard to imagine how bacteria think. Not like us, it appears.
Swede Bigbear: I'm sure they have no idea whether they are "good" bacteria or "bad" bacteria
Flashing Merlin: Somehow I imagine they all think they're "good" bacteria, but maybe I'm anthropomorphizing.
Mrags Writer: *Smile*

ASCI Topics 4-29-2012

Ancient Peruvian Robert Smithson?

Do plants need intelligence to grow toward light?

Would you let a chauffeur-bot drive?

If we have time:
Would you invest in an asteroid mine?

Would you buy a flying car?

The slippery slope of ice-cream science:

4.29.12 transcript with: Flashing Merlin, Mrags Writer, Creativity Farshore, Vesna Vendetta

Flashing Merlin: So did you guys see the 4000 year old ancient Peruvian earthworks?
Mrags Writer: I would like to see more of them *Smile*
Flashing Merlin: Do we think it's an artwork, or something else?
Creativity Farshore: there is a lot of occupy movements going on. Do you think that might have been an early call for an occupy movement
Mrags Writer: haha
Flashing Merlin: Well, people occupied those earthworks; they lived on top of them!
Creativity Farshore: When you were talking about mystical Peruvian Orcas, my airport wifi failed. Do you think there is any connection (or disconnection)?
Mrags Writer: haha
Flashing Merlin: The wi-fi god is jealous, better plan an earthwork!
Mrags Writer: a big iphone

ASCI Topics 5-27-2012

Real life avatars?

Does Science + the Spiritual in Art = Genetically Engineered Resurrection?

Interstellar travel plans?

If we have time:

Alien life in our solar system?

Private Enterprise?

5.27.12 transcript with: Flashing Merlin, Mrags Writer, Queen Bluestar, Seafore Perl, orb Thursday, Ataraxia Azemus

Queen Bluestar: in the 60's they used to envision that the year 2000 we would all be wearing silver clothes etc.....didn't happen
Flashing Merlin: Seems they're very concerned about avatar crime: the first avatar bank robbery perhaps?
Queen Bluestar: yes
Seafore Perl: No silver clothes, no flying cars. But Buck Rogers cell phones are here!
Queen Bluestar: more recognizable than compter theft
Flashing Merlin: actually we covered flying cars last month, they're here now
Queen Bluestar: why steal real money using a robot when you can heist billions of 'numbers' money via computers?
Seafore Perl: Also, with the physically interactive devices, a blurring of such issues as rape, etc.
Flashing Merlin: good point Queen
Seafore Perl: (oh yeah, I saw the flying car articles - a bit steep for my budget yet!)

ASCI Topics 6-24-2012

Remembering Ray Bradbury, one of the great sci-fi visionaries:

Real housewives of Mars?

\Searching for bigfoot in a DNA lab?

If we have time:
Measuring the therapeutic value of art?

Older artists:

Intergalactic space travel becoming an unavoidable reality?

6.24.12 transcript with: Flashing Merlin, pale Infinity, Vesna Vendetta, Nori Yazimoto, Dirk Qarnac

Vesna Vendetta: who does the moon belong to?
Nori Yazimoto: according to Newt Gingridge..LOL...guess who.
Flashing Merlin: Perhaps we could mine the Moon for the raw materials, instead of having to launch those materials into orbit
Vesna Vendetta: you talk about it like the whole galaxy belongs to you
Flashing Merlin: You don't think we should explore Mars, Vesna?
Vesna Vendetta: fine, if it belongs to you, but i dont think so
Flashing Merlin: Why is that Vesna?
Nori Yazimoto: I think Vesna's point about ownership is extremely valuable
Vesna Vendetta: you cant mine something that doesnt belong to you
Nori Yazimoto: right now no one, so in essence every one owns the moon. we just can't do anything with it.
Flashing Merlin: Well, perhaps we shouldn't mine something that doesn't belong to us, but that is the history of western exploitation
[Editor's note: If we wanted to repeat the history of western exploitation, we'd have to force the Martians to mine Mars for us.]

ASCI Topics 7-29-2012

Sam Bowser joins us to discuss art & science in Antarctica:

God particle, or godlike particle?

The Big Question: 'What are the most interesting art and science ideas today?'

If we have time:
Will Leap Motion make touch screens obsolete?

7.29.12 transcript with: Foramsam Popstar (Sam Bowser), Laura Von Rosk, Seafore Perl, Dom Lunasea, Alena Vhargon, Flashing Merlin,

Foramsam Popstar: I have actually used art in my research. Sort of the reverse of how it usually goes (artist rendering science)
Seafore Perl: Interesting, the back and forth dialogue between the two. In what form did you use art in your research?
Foramsam Popstar: I took an artist's drawings and "shrunk them down" to the size of an amoeboid organism to study how cells respond to different surfaces; it involved high-tech nano fabrication. I learned that human cells are super-sensitive to surface texture; free-living cell don't give a hoot
Flashing Merlin: So do amoeba prefer certain types of art?
Foramsam Popstar: nope, made me sad Human cells "pile up" on steep surfaces, become tumor-like; amoeboid cells just keep crawling
Dom Lunasea: most multi cellular organisms use cell surface markers to interact with each other
Seafore Perl: Sounds like this research has medical implications.
Dom Lunasea: its a huge area of research

ASCI Topics 8-26-2012

Does science have dogmas?

Writing books in DNA code:

Share your thoughts about our favorite Martian:

If we have time:
50 years after the paradigm shift:

Will the James Webb Space Telescope find ET?

8.26.12 transcript with: Mrags Writer, chikiuso, Flashing Merlin,

Flashing Merlin: Does science have dogmas? What do we think? ...I think science has assumptions, nothing wrong with that, but sometimes ideas are dismissed out of hand, and evidence for new ideas is ignored.
Mrags Writer: ...doesn't it get down to who's trying to control the science to push an agenda
Flashing Merlin: Is it that someone is trying to "control science," or just an unfortunate byproduct of our system of science?
Mrags Writer: ...well the church did for centuries
Flashing Merlin: To be sure Mrags. Now granting agencies who fund science control it. Do we think there's anyway to improve the system?
Mrags Writer: well now there is the question!
chikiuso: probably facebook could help
Mrags Writer: in what way??
Flashing Merlin: ...Interesting thought Jack... Ideas can be published on FB without requiring funding. So that is an alternative, if your idea is being ignored

ASCI Topics 9-27-2013

Earth will die long before the Sun, and we'll have to move to Mars?

Star Trek conference for scientists?

Growing human brains in a lab?

If we have time:
What would you name a new element?

Warp drive research?

Quantum mechanics simplified?

9.29.13 transcript with: Mrags Writer, Germain Falconer, Fantasy Dreamscape, england lane, Flashing Merlin,

Flashing Merlin: Ok, any opinion on brains in a dish? Some in the neural sciences see it as a great advance, but it seems creepy to me. Any one else?
Fantasy Dreamscape: That's just because you're not an android. Seems normal to me; how else to produce an android?
Mrags Writer: as long as its not on the menu *Smile*
Flashing Merlin: LOL, still imagine being born and growing up in a lab dish. At least androids are given a body to go with that brain.
Mrags Writer: sounds like a 50's horror movie
Germain Falconer: If you're able to grow andoids like Fantasy, it will have been worth it.
Mrags : *Smile* I'll vote for that one .........
Flashing Merlin: Maybe to you and Fantasy, not so sure those brains in a dish would agree.

ASCI Topics 5-31-2015

Hawking warns of robot takeover?

Break through in fusion technology?

NASA road map to worm holes?

If we have time:

Spacetime built by quantum entanglements?

Spacetime built by information?

Quantum weirdness confirmed?

A new state of matter?

5.31.15 transcript with: Creativity Farshore, Mrags Writer, Pale Infinity, Bill Rabinovitch, Flashing Merlin,
Creativity Farshore: I am very disappointed in Hawking and his Tesla friend [Elon Musk], for worrying so much about robots and AI. If robots are going to be better than us, we should be celebrating the evolutionary improvement, instead of figuring out how to stop it.
Flashing Merlin: Creativity, isn't there a danger that when the robots take over, they'll realize the Earth's biggest problems are caused by humans and decide to eliminate us?
Creativity Farshore: Cavemen are now eliminated. When a superior model comes along (by the way, I met "America's Top Model" in the park yesterday), then it's time to accept it.
Creativity Farshore: Some years ago, the head of astronomy at Columbia, wrote some books on evolution, and said that our offspring will be the robots, which are much better suited to populate the universe (something our bodies are not suited for)
Creativity Farshore: They may even figure out new forms of communication, which are more ennobling than ours.

ASCI Topics 9-27-2015

The regular monthly meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) will be held online, in the Metaverse, on Sunday, September 27, at 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT. Topics for discussion:
Should we ban sex droids?

Ahmed Mohamed arrested for a clock, while wearing a NASA t-shirt:
Baptizing ET?

If we have time: Hawking's New Black Hole Idea:

Nano Art:

Samples from Saturn's Moon Enceladus?

Problems for the Standard Model?

9.27.15 transcript with: Nova Star, Mrags Writer, Pale Infinity, Bill Rabinovitch, Flashing Merlin,

Flashing Merlin: We're on banning sex droids, I believe you had a comment on the ASCI FB Group Mrags?
Fantasy Dreamscape: It's naive to think you can ban sex droids. Your ban on drugs doesn't work, and sex is as addictive as drugs
Mrags Writer: Well the comment was that remark made around women could apply to men also
Fantasy Dreamscape: I agree Mrags
Nova Star (abbie.gant): You would have to ban Al all together to not have ones that would rebuild it to perform those actions.
Fantasy Dreamscape: Ban sex droids and you drive them into the underground economy - totally unregulated, that's more dangerous than not banning them.
Mrags Writer: a ban would never work. look at the sex trade today
Nova Star (abbie.gant): thats a good point
Flashing Merlin: Agreed, good point Mrags

ASCI Topics 8-28-2016

The regular monthly meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) will be held online, in the Metaverse, on Sunday, August 28, at 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT. Topics for discussion:
Twenty Earths?

Alien megastructure?

Robot brothels?

If we have time: Socio-hydrology ?

Still in the dark?


8.28.16 transcript with: Fantasy Dreamscape, Germain Falconer, Creativity Farshore. Mrags Writer, Flashing Merlin,

Flashing Merlin: Anyone excited that the nearest Earth like planet is in Proxima Centuri, only 4 light years away?
Creativity Farrshore: That planet is spinning around the sun every 11 days. I would have so many birthday parties.
Flashing Merlin: LOL Creativity; a party planet! Perfect.
Creativity Farshore: You are all invited to my party. I'm not sure that I can make it. But I remember that Andy Warhol used to have some parties that he didn't attend.

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