The Church of Art


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Exhibit at The Church of Art

The Church of Art has opened in the Metaverse, and is accepting applications from artists to exhibit their work there. Your work can be on any theme, or completely abstract; we are not looking for work that is specifically religious or spiritual, rather we're looking for a coherent body of work that demonstrates a consistent style, or theme, what ever that style or theme may be.

There is no fee to submit work, nor to exhibit. There is no commission charged for sales. If your work sells, we request you make a donation to The Church of Art to help cover our expenses.

If your work is selected for exhibition, you are responsible for putting your work into a digital form which can be displayed in the Metaverse, and for mounting your own show in the church. We will provide instructions, if you need them. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

The church will list your opening in the online community calendar, but you are responsible for sending out invitations to your show, and getting people to your opening. The church will set out a small table for wine and cheese, but you are responsible for anything more than that, such as additional food & drink, a DJ or performing musicians, etc. You are responsible for setting your prices and negotiating sales. At the end of your show, you are responsible for removing your work, or it can be automatically returned to you.

To apply: Join SecondLife (free to join), and then please have your avatar join the The Church of Art Group in Second Life (also free to join), so you can receive group notices. Please send three images as e-mail attachments, no larger than 800 pixels in the largest dimension. If you want to submit a link to a website, please specify which three images should be viewed. If your work is interactive, you may submit a link to a video on YouTube, or similar video site. You may submit a one paragraph artist's statement with your work.

Please send your e-mail to:

exhibitions @ TheChurchOfArt . org

If we like your work, we may contact you to see what additional work will be included in a show. Please do not contact us asking when we will decide. Your work may be kept on file, and you may later be invited to participate in a group show, if you are not selected for a solo exhibit.

Meanwhile we strongly suggest you visit the church, if you have not done so already:

The Church of Art in the Metaverse.

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