The Church of Art


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5-11-2012 Meeting of the Church of Art

The Church of Art convened it's second meeting as part of an Artists Talk on Art (ATOA) panel discussion held at Westwood Gallery. Below are a few highlights from that meeting. The photos were taken by Sister Betty of the Church of Saint Cezar.

The panelists include: Flash Light, Chris Twomey, and Vernita N'Cognita.
Flash calls Prof. Danto via Skype. Dr. Danto is a noted philosopher, author, and art critic.

Prof. Danto joins the panel and Chris Twomey is delighted to see him appear on Skype.

Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairman, operates the webcam and video camera

The panel discussion begins with Flash Light.

Flash introduces the topic of genetically engineered resurrection with a digital slide show.

Next, Chris Twomey discusses her art involving genetic engineering

She explains her DVD The Triumph of XX refers to the XX chromosone which
distinguishes the DNA of women from the XY chromosone in the DNA of men.

She then plays a new DVD addressed to her future clone, created to explain to her clone
who she is, and why she chose to attempt genetically engineered resurrection.

Flash asks Prof. Danto if he believes genetically engineered resurrection is possible.

Prof. Danto replies, "It's not only possible... it's probably inevitable."

Flash asks Prof. Danto if he'd like to be genetically resurrected?

Prof. Danto replies, "I think I've done pretty well in this life;
I wouldn't want to take a chance on coming back and messing up."

Prof. Danto summarizes his philosophical stance, "The topic just doesn't interest me..."

Prof. Danto continues, "I see a lot of people in the room are interested, and I really don't understand why."

Chris Twomey responded that the personality, traits, and predispositions of the clone would be influenced by the environment the clone grows up in. Perhaps the clones new life will be more conducive to its spirit, allowing greater expression than the current original's life experience.

Pope Vernita begins to explain The Church of Art.

Pope Vernita offers a moving sermon explaining her church's beliefs.

Pope Vernita brings out the sacred golden easel.

Pope Vernita places the sacred easel on the table to form an altar.

Pope Vernita transmutes red, green, and blue Gatorade, representing the 3 primary colors,
into the life's blood of the spiritual in art,

Blessed berries, and wafers transmuted into pure animal energy,
are consumed in communion with Nature.

Father Flash joins in celebrating the communion with Nature.

Pope Vernita offers communion, and Father Flash partakes.

Pope Vernita passes among her congregation offering communion.

Artist Bill Rabinovitch takes communion with Nature.

Artist Val (of Liz & Val) takes communion with Nature.

Chairman Doug takes questions from the audience.

A disbeliever says, "That's not what resurrection means. You should use a different word."

Father Flash responds, "That may not be what resurrection means in your religion, but that's what it meant to the ancient Egyptians, and science seems on the verge of proving their resurrection beliefs to be correct."

The disbeliever seems appeased if not converted.

Chairman Doug thanks the panelists, and the audience, and concludes the evening.

Artist Bill Rabinovitch later creates an artwork memorializing the event.

If you would like to discuss this meeting, or other meetings, or see us hold additional meetings, please go to our forums to make your comments and suggestions.

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