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Pope Vernita Celebrates Samhain

"To celebrate Samhain, I decided to visit the Sacred Cauldron SIM in the Metavwese.".

"I began at the ritual Stonehenge Circle."

"I looked at the altars on the four cardinal points, and felt right at home."

"I decided to offer a blessing at each altar."

"Blessed be blue."

"Blessed be red."

"Blessed be yellow."

"And especially, blessed be green."

"Then I decided to visit other places on the SIM."

"I began at the Shrine to Demeter."

"Blessed be Demeter."

"At the Shrine to Artemis..."

"Blessed be Artemis."

"And I continued in this manner at the other sacred places on the SIM."

"Blessed be Hermes."

"Blessed be Zeus."

"Blessed be Hera.".

"Blessed be Cernunnos.".

"Blessed be Ganesha, Buddha, and Anubis.".

"Blessed be Vukcan."

"This is supposed to be the Kwan Yin Shrine. Blessed be Avalokitasvara, where ever She is.."

"and blessed be the trees."

"Blessed be the bears, although I know I shouldn't take a selfie with a bear.."

"Blessed be Charon and the River Styx."

"Blessed be the Mer.

"Blessed be the Wiccan Seminary."

"Blessed be Elvira. Good to see the Wiccans have a sense of humor!"

"That other Pope may be getting some things right, but he certainly got it wrong calling Halloween evil."

"Instead of denigrating the Witches' Sabbath, he should be apologizing for the holocaust his church unleashed against witches during the Inquisition, and he should be trying to correct prejudice against witches and the Wiccan religion, instead of encouraging it."

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