James Ossi

Healing Marie

Healing Marie won 80 awards. It's the highest rated romantic comedy, ever. http://www.moviebytes.com/ws/index.cfm


Sometimes insanity can be romantic, even very, very funny. When two artists hallucinate in harmonic resonance it opens the door to explosive passion and outrageous adventures.


Marie, 22, models in Paris art schools. Orphaned at 4, she blames herself for the tragic but romantic death of her parents. She’s tormented by demons from both the church and the devil. Her escape is to run away through music. She flies New York to audition at Juilliard.

Problem is, she doesn’t travel alone. Her cast of demons cloud her reality at every step. She makes it to Juilliard, finds her mentor in Ivan, finds a warm and zany roommate named Brazeal from Brazil, and takes a job as an art school model. There she meets Ocee and it’s love at first sight ... of a delusion. Ocee is her perfect counterpoint ... crazier than she is, and a genius. He doesn’t just see demons; he fights them. His #1 foe is the cold, hostile, geometry of the right angle. He sees it in square, frozen food boxes and in the cubic cell structure we call architecture. He is a lover of art nouveau, the honey comb, the curve. She is lover of the musical lyric, the romantic measure, the movement. Their fit together is teasing, provocative and piloted by mirages.

Marie and Ocee’s journey to free Astronauts held in the Bellevue insane asylum ends with space psychiatrists fighting medieval architects and the disaster of Marie’s hand getting smashed by the one ton, Gothic sanctuary door.

Marie, hand looking okay but piano career ruined, returns to Paris, alone. There she finds her voice, which is good. Ocee, in New York, is mostly comatose and blames himself for Marie’s loss of the piano. He doesn’t know that Marie has become a world class jazz singer and composer.

Alone in Paris, in the dark, Marie confronts her demons, her past, her chains and annihilates all of them. She is free. She flies to New York and cures Ocee. Together they seduce art and music, entwining them into freedom for all who dream of beauty.


Ultraviolet Child won 55 awards.


His name is Harmless. He sculpts with tornadoes and accidentally blows away his own high school.


LIGHT: a form of radiant energy that makes things visible or affords illumination.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: Brilliant, radiant energy that is just off the spectrum but enhances beautiful colors, yet is not quite understandable and is dangerous.

THE ULTRAVIOLET CHILD: A child with brilliant radiant energy that’s just off the spectrum. He’s not quite understandable and he's a little bit dangerous. His name is HARMLESS. He’s 17.

Harmless sculpts with lightning bolts and tornadoes and he’s accident prone. He’s a nice kid who wants to show the beauty of nature to the world, but he always seems to lose control of his art and accidentally blows away trailer parks or police cars. Then, um, his own high school.

Twice. No one is hurt but the economic loss to the community is devastating.

Here's the catch. Harmless is part of a colony of people dedicated to fusing science and art. Their concoctions routinely dissolve, shatter, or explode. The Feds are after Harmless because he’s thought to be “The Mastermind of a Cell of Artists!”

Harmless’s economic disaster causes the local real estate mogul to go insane. Nobody likes the man, so that's good. But nobody completely hates high school, so Harmless and his scientist friends concoct a plan to reconstitute Utopia High through virtual reality.

It works! Everyone strolls in bluescreen togas inside a marvelous fantasy; a blithe garden of laser light and divine wisdom. Everyone in the county is exhilarated, even the Feds, who award Harmless with ten million dollars.

Unfortunately, he accidentally blows up the money, too.

Which is fine because, along the way, Harmless has fallen in love with the wonderful, kinky, Marie. And with her, life is illuminated.


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