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Unnatural Acts

In January 2009 pale Infinity was included in an art exhibition at Broadway Gallery, in NYC

Postcard for Unnatural Acts

Prints from her graphic net novel,

paleInfinity.com, were exhibited.

The work was enthusiastically received,

and the opening was was well attended.
Pale had vowed to leave Second Life (SL) forever at the end of paleInfinity.com because of her bad experiences there, which included the closing of the SIM where she had wanted to live. However, after the success of the Broadway Gallery opening, she decided to return to SL again, with a new stratagey:

She moved into a wagon, determined
to live a nomadic life,

so she need not be concerned if another
SIM closed down and she had to move.

pale made her avatar small...

which made the wagon seem large.

She bought a pet wolf...

to stand guard, and protect her.

Quat Gallery expanded in September 2009, acquiring some surrounding land.
The gallery invited pale to move her wagon next door to the gallery.

She installed a new wagon on the new land,

and moved in.

She decorated it with...

First Nation art.

She even has a kitchen sink,

and a dock on the Quat River.
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pale Infinity discusses her work in the show, "Unnatural Acts."

In the video clip above, which was used to promote the show, Unnatural Acts, pale Infinity discusses what makes her work in the show "unnatural."

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