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2010 New Work:

A Series of Kinetic Digital Sculptures

pale Infinity began creating kinetic sculptures. This one she displayed in a greenhouse

This one floated over the water.

Her main gallery now contains only one sculpture.

It rotates and emits a mist of particles.

A sign explains it's interactive.

pale sitting in her sculpture.

The smaller side gallery contains a rotating sculpture titled "Black Sword."
Where the revolving sphere is interactive in a welcoming manner, the black
sword challenges the viewer to maneuver around the gallery.

pale started in a wagon,

but soon moved into an A-frame cottage.

Since her return to SL she has tried out...

many different SL homes.

This is the Archer house.

pale was interior designer for every room.

pale added on an aviary with a hot tub.

By December 2009 she lived in this loft building.

Every room of every house was worked out in exquiste detail.

However, the only trace left of each...

are these few SL photographs.

Archer house interior, January 2010.

Archer house interior, January 2010.

Archer house front with trampoline, January 2010.

Archer house porch, January 2010.

Archer house, bedroom wall sculpture, January 2010.

Archer house, bedroom window view, January 2010.

pale changed to a cottage by February.

Fireplace in cottage with pets, February 2010.

Cottage interior, February 2010.

In March, pale tried another SIM.

pale moved to the Ace Chic house in April 2010.

Ace Chic house, livingroom, April 2010.

View facing balcony in Ace Chic house, April 2010.

Ace Chic house bedroom, May 2010.

By July she was back to the Archer house in Quat.

By August she lived in this tea house...

surrounded by a pond...

with goldfish and a duck.

Tea house kitchen, August 2010.

Tea house livingroom, August 2010.

Tea house bedroom, August 2010.

Of course, pale may be back to living in this tepee,
which she's now working on, or on to a new house,
where she'll be writing poetry and working on her SL novel.

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