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pale Infinity Bio

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New Work in 2011

Quat Gallery built a loft building in 2011 to provide artists with studio space.

At first Pale uses her studio to create paintings and sculpture,
but soon turns to creating new time based digital sculptures.

This is titled, "Fire and Ice."

"The Dripper."

"Blood Drip."

"Blood Drip," reverse view.

"Pyramid Top."


Pale feels she's made good use of her studio space.

On the home front, pale moved into her largest virtual house so far.

She created it by adding a lower floor

to her favorite Ace Chic house.

The extra space allowed Pale to add a library.

These books can be read online virtually.

This room features an aquarium for a sea monster,

but it was previously the harpsichord room,

and before that it was a living room,

and before that it was a kitchen,

and once this was the kitchen,

and once this was the living room. .

Pale tries numerous floor plans,

searching for the perfect interior design.

Flashing tries to document all the changes,

but Pale becomes annoyed and sics her wolf on him.

The wolf forces Flashing off Pale's land,

but Flashing Merlin calls his T-rex to defend himself.

Pale at the Blue Angle poetry lounge, waiting to read her poems.
Where are the pills

Where are the pills I need to take
are they red blue green
I dont know..Ive never been into piills
I only know you need to take them with booze
If you choose to go away

Life is beautiful if you are whole
the soul is not enough
it lives within our flesh and bone
its not enough to fashion
another self.

I will not pierce this flesh and bone
to drip the poison out
but who can I trick to get the precious key
to open up a door
an opening to a forever home

The lovely candy my doctor doesnt dole
he understands me all to well.
If I were a bourgoise bitch
I would have my store of sweet relief
but alas anyone can see my grief.

Please let me go I've had enough
of pain and poverty
nothing good can come to me
I want to leave my work behind
for future lovers of art to find.

But my body skin and face were my real art
I didnt know that, I played the part of love
and never really gave my soul or loved as humans do
I lived within my self, but now with beauty gone
I want to rest.

Pale Infinity

Pale is well regarded in the SL poetry scene, having won several awards.

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