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pale Infinity Bio

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Pale Infinity Moves to a House Boat in 2013

Pale changes back to the Ace house in 2013..
. .

She decides to add a tiger...

to her rain forest.

She plants blue flowers in her garden....

Her sweetie Winter Akiri pays a visit.
Taken by kierkan Llewellyn
Winter accompanies her to the Aweful Epicurean Cafe....
Taken by kierkan Llewellyn
where she reads her poetry.
Taken by DonJuan Writer at Da Vinci Hall
Pale with DonJuan Writer at Da Vinci Hall for a reading.
Taken by DonJuan Writer at Da Vinci Hall
DonJuan plays a piano while Pale dances.
Taken by DonJuan Writer
Pale with DonJuan at the Rose Theater for a poetry event. DonJuan tells Pale that he loves her..

Pale redecorates her bedroom. Then suddenly she's forced to leave her real life apartment while repairs are made, and she loses her internet connection. She calls Merlin and requests he send notes to her SL sweeties explaining what happened. Finally she gets online again, and contacts her sweeties. When they don't immediately rush to see her, she decides they don't really love her, and gets into arguments with all of them. Winter breaks up with her and she breaks up with all the rest.

Then she decides to break with the past, and move to a houseboat.

She adds a swan to the waters....

and considers herself a free woman again.

Her boat has sunbathing animations.

Pale doesn't sunbathe, but she relaxes by ...

using the animations after her ordeals in rl & SL..

Pale soon adapts to life on a boat.

She begins furnishing the interior of her houseboat.

Then she loses her temporary internet connection, and decides she doesn't need SL anymore,
now that she's broken with her sweeties. Instead she spends her time writing poetry.
look for you

look for you
look for you again
I spend the time looking for you
always the same as always the same bewilderment

Shadow man

I enter the other world
the other life the new version
the one without love with ban lines
barriers keeping me out real or unreal
it doesnt matter and you are no where in sight
i cant plan a protest i dont know where you are
you are a shadow man

Doris Duke

Men should not be sultry
Doris Duke ate only chicken
she had to be carried
she was so frail

But she wasnt afraid of a
twelve inch dick or an
entire night in bed

Rubinosa carried her
impaled on his dick
its lodged in my brain
a joke that is sick

My Mom

trapped inside her body
a mad woman
eyes lined and full
of sorrow - madness ringed
with black
like a foreigner in
a world she really didnt
a perpetual hick
I saw with division
I pay and pay
If I believed in heaven
I would pray

Gasping for breath

as always im asking too
as always
drowning spoiling the fun
lets just fly around and not spoil things
with fear
but alas its too late I will miss
we all want lovely pastries
not rot and not death
i love u i love u
im gasping for breath

The caretaker

Hollow rings of madness
no joy anywhere to be found
no pills, no pills
no books, no sound
no joy, no joy

A thick false presence

A thick false presence
a better person than me
driving me slowly mad with
guilt guilt guilt

Its a sad little song

Its a sad little song
about a building
that will
soon be gone

my every building
sculpture is made
of paper

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