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Pale Infinity Gets Her Internet Back by 2014

Pale gets to move back to her renovated apartment, and gets her internet connection back in November 2013.

Flashing Merlin festoons her houseboat with flowers, and welcomes her back to Second Life..

Pale soon creates a Winter house...

complete with snow

Merlin visits her new house,

and admires her build.

He appreciates all the kitchen details.

They sit and chat.

Pale says she's glad to be back.

Then she leaves to deal with her new apartment.

Merlin continues to look around;

appreciating the details in her library,

and in

her bedroom.

her livingroom

her fireplace.

and her outdoor seasonal decorations

By January 2014 she was back

to the houseboat

along with a cabin.

Inside the cabin was a dining table with a fish bowl,

before that a desk, and beyond that a bed.

View from the bed.

View from the desk.

By February she was in a new house.

There were large decks

on both floors

but Pale paid attention to the interior

furnishing each room carefully

the dining room / kitchen area`

offered an elegant dining table,

large enough for a small group.

This floor had an open plan:

you could step from the dining area

to the lounge and relax on her couch.

The bedroom was large,

with plenty of open area all aound

on every side of the bed which can come in handy

if you use an animated bed for more than sleeping.

By April she had installed

a complete bathroom including

her glass brick stall shower.

.Just outside

at the end of a very long hall

was her writing desk.

The desk overlooked her gardens,

which were blossoming.

She stayed in this house until May.

Then she docked her house boat on Merlin's land and began squating there,

She landscaped his beach...

and installed a water fall.

She redecorated

her house boat.

with a new couch

and book shelves.

Meanwhile, on Magical Alchemi's land, she tore the new house down and put the Ace House back up.

It now featured a library,

with a new wring desk.

There was a livingroom area,

with a large sectional,

and massive fireplace.

The kitchen.

as usual was well built

and well stocked,

including an expresso machine,

and a dining area adequate for a small group.

The bedroom here was small,

and intimate.

The bathroom featured her glass brick shower stall, sink

and infamous Ramos toilet.

The house was landscaped all around...

with shade trees.

It all seemed to make this ACE house...

an ideal home.

Above it in the sky...

she installed a floating garden.

However, in August she tore the ACE House down to put up a shack.

Within the shack was...

a smaller shack

isolated from view by the larger shack

which afforded the inner shack panoramic views via the murals on the inside walls of the larger shack.

Inside the smaller shack she placed her writing desk,

where it had a view of the rainbow she added to go with the rain storm she created outside.

Her desk was near a wood stove,

and a sleeping enclosure

where her small cat hung out.

Meanwhile on Merlin's property, she rebuilt the Ace house..

and decided to celebrate Xmas in August

complete with a snow storm,

a red nosed reindeer,

and her snowman. She was totally unconcerned how Merlin might feel if he wanted to go down to his beach for a swim,

because inside the ACE house she had her big cat, which she intended to sic on Merlin if he objected to her squatting..

This ACE house was impeccably furnished as usual.

She had new art work hung,

and new furniture installed.

There were flowers,

and a new bookcase on the balcony.

This bookcase included a fireplace. A poetry award displayed on top, illuminated the area above the bookcase.

Her writing desk was up there,

and her bed.

Her bathroom was again on her balcony.

which she enclosed so it wasn't visible from outside.

One thing Pale did not create in 2014 was virtual art. Linden Labs had again changed their terms of service, stating that they could close down at any time so you had to accept your virtual property was at risk or you couldn't continue using the virtual world. Unfortunately it meant virtual art created in this virtual world could have no collectible value, since its future was in jeapordy..

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