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pale Infinity Bio

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Pale Infinity builds an Amusement Park in 2014

Pale decided to build an amusement park in September 2014.

It included a ferris wheel..

and a red trampoline

Merlin visited,

and rode the Ferris wheel.

He appreciated the view from the top.

Pale added her wagon.

and hung a few skins up to cure..

Pale furnished her wagon with Native American wall hangings,

She included a desk...

where she could work...

and concentrate...

on her poetry.

By November 2014 she was back to the Ace house

getting ready to celebrate


with turkeys.

both outside the house.

and on the table.

By December she had changed the house again..

The yard was now ready for Yule.

complete with reindeer and snowman.

Merlin stopped by to visit..

The first floor featured an open floor plan.

Merlin checked out the kitchen area, which was just across from the dining area.

The kitchen was spacious.

and featured a pet goldfish..

Merlin noticed a can of alphabet soup for writers.

Fresh baked buns looked delicious.

In one corner was Pale's desk.

.Next to that was a large sectional couch in front of her fireplace.

The second floor hall was decorated with old maps..

One room was devoted to a bathroom...

with her glass block shower...

her sink with gold faucets...

and vanity table

The bedroom area was large

with a comfortable bed

and another fireplace/b>

Her beagle rested by the fire...

along with her pet tiger.

The second floor porch was all decorated with a Yule tree...

and a snowman.

For the new year, Pale had a new, much smaller house..

She used the same dining table, but a smaller bed...

Her new coffee maker dominated the small kitchen area.

A small couch, her desk, and her goldfish were included.

.Our centaur paid her a visit.

Pale was very cordial.

By February she was back to the ACE house...

but the tiger was sleeping outside.

By May she had her houseboat where her amusement park had been...

Merlin paid a visit.

The houseboat was still in place at the end of the Summer...

and the furniture hadn't changed.

Meanwhile on Merlin's land, Pale was back to a small house.

but the only piece of furniture in it was a bed.

Next day, even that is gone. Merlin decides to contact Pale, and she invites him to her houseboat to talk.

Pale is having breakfast when Merlin arrives.

Merlin sits down to join her.

"i want to explain why i build and destroy things."


"building is what i enjoy because it can be controlled"

"i love to build," Pale enthuses.

"but once things are built i become bored"

Pale whispers, "i am not good with relationships."

"and so no one comes to my amusement park for example," Pale explains.

"also i had a tragic relationship and dont want that anymore."

"Perhaps we should have advertised the park?"

"it is never too late"

"sounds optimistic"

"now i am living here...it is easy to maintain and quite comfortable," Pale continues.

"its a good place to meditate on things"

"good this worked out"

"so i will go now and we can discuss everything further"

Pale Infinity lays down, and remarks, "i love this boat."
7 < 8 > to be continued...

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