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Vesna Vendetta

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The Idyl before the Devastation

Vesna Vendetta began to show with the gallery when it was originally located on Perfect Paradise Island.

Flashing Merlin & Vesna Vendetta on the new beach.

Surf breaks on our beach, and it's possible to swim in it.

One of our new dolphins can be seen in mid leap.

We've built an atoll hut over the ocrean.

We've laid out a row of beach towels,

with sunbathing animations.

Vesna Vendetta demonstrates one for us.

At the far end of our beach we've installed. . .

a Tiki Bar.

Vesna Vendetta & Flashing Merlin at the bar.

Vesna Vendetta offers to show us her underwater castle.

Swim hubs allow us to swim down to it under the beach.

Vesna Vendetta among her underwater faux ruins.

Entrance to the underwater castle.

The underwater castle entrance hall.

Entrance hall facing Vesna Vendetta's bedroom.

Vesna Vendetta's bedroom in the underwater castle.

We build a floating garden 500 meters above the beach.

We install a gazebo in the floating garden.

Vesna & Flashing relax in the gazebo.

An evening view of our beach.

Disaster Strikes

Our beach is utterly wiped out

Perfect Paradise Island is devastated.

When the owner of the Perfect Paradise Estates SIM decided to sell it without warning, Vesna lost her gallery and her home. Vesna Vendetta and Flashing Merlin determine to rebuild on the mainland, where property bought from Linden Corp. can't be sold out from under you, and they start following the SL land auctions, looking for mainland property to purchase.

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