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Vesna Vendetta

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New work in Quat Gallery 2010

Vesna's major new SL contribution this year was her collaboraion on this photo.
The photo was used to create a postcard, which was included in a show at H215 Gallery.

It was a mail art show honoring Ray Johnson's bunny. We produced a limited edition
of these postcards, and the joke was: the postcard for the show was itself the art.
We gave cards to dealers and collectors, so now we have work in the collections of
Stefan Stux, Jim Kempner, Margret Thatcher, and others.

Vesna now lives in this house, on a lot....

next to Flashing Merlin in FurNation Fusion.

The front yard overlooks a beach.

Vesna's livingroom at sunset.

It's a modern house; you teleport to get to Vesna's 3rd floor painting studio.

Click a painting & it slides out for viewing.

Painting rack was scripted by Flashing Merlin.

Vesna's studio has a view of the ocean.

Vesna added a balcony behind her studio...

to offer this view.

Vesna's still dseciding what to do...

with the 2nd floor.

It might become a Buddhist meditation gallery.

In which case she'll probably put her bedroom in the sky castle far overhead.

Meanwhile, Vesna currently has the most paintings up of any artist in Quat Gallery .

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