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Vesna Vendetta

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Opens a Tea House in 2011

Vesna Vendetta lost her beautiful home when FurNation Fusion closed in 2011.

She moved some of her furniture,

and tapestries into her new loft in Quat.

Flashing Merlin invites her to live on land next to the Temple of Anubis, in FurNation Phoenix.

Vesna says if she's next to a Temple of Anubis, she would want to build a Temple to Buddha.

The lord of the Phoenix SIM agrees to allow a Temple to Buddha to be built next to the Temple of Anubis.

Meanwhile Vesna's skycastle is installed

300 feet above the Temple to Buddha plot.

Vesna chooses a tea house.

She likes the interior.

She likes the back.

She decides if one tea house is good, two would be better..

One as a temple to Buddha,

the other as her home.

A Lycan from the hood shows up. Flashing Merlin changes to a furry avatar,
and says that he is a were-furry, hoping to fit into the neighborhood.

Flashing gets into his Zen mind, and suggests a different arrangement for the two tea houses.

Vesna likes the arrangement, but moves Buddha,

and starts to work installing a Zen garden.

Buddha now sits on the roof of Vesna's sky castle, overlooking events unfolding below.

Vesna's Zen Mind Teahouse on 9-1-2011.

We await seeing how the neighboring furries will react.
Will werewolves turn to Buddha, or will they attack?

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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