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Vesna Vendetta
Cofounded a Virtual Church in 2012

Vesna Vendetta worked on the gardens for her Zen Mind Teahouse in 2012.

She made the front garden .,

more minimal

She added an even more minimal .,

Zen sand garden in the back.

However, she hasn't scheduled Buddhist meetings there yet.

While tending her garden, Vesna visited...

the nearby Temple of Anubis.

She looked at the paintings...

and noticed the slide show.

She sat down to watch the documentary about an

ATOA panel on raising the dead from their DNA.

She remarked, "It's more convincing in a Temple of Anubis than it was at ATOA."

Vesna Vendetta also visited...

the SIM for Occupy Second Life...

but wasn't motivated ...

to become active...

in their virtual movement.
Vesna at the 2-26-12 ASCI Meeting
Vesna Vendetta also attended several of the. ..
Vesna at the 3-25-12 ASCI Meeting
ASCI Metaverse Meetings in 2012.
Vesna at the 4-29-12 ASCI Meeting
When ASCI celebrated the landing ...
Vesna at the 6-24-12 ASCI Meeting
of the Curiosity rover on Mars...

Vesna posted this image to the ASCI Group Facebook page to illustrate her point,
"What right do we have to invade Mars?"

Vesna visited Father Flash once...

while he was building The Church of Art

She told him she liked...

the design of the building.

She reminded him that founding this church...

had been her idea.

Father Flash agreed. saying, "That's why you're listed on the website..."

"as High Priestess and cofounder of The Church of Art along with Pope Vernita!"
Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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