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Vesna Vendetta
and The Church of Art

High Priestess Vesna attended the official art exhibition opening at The Church of Art,
scheduled to coincide with the new Mayan Epoch beginning 12.21.2012.
With her are Pope Vernita, Father Flash, and Bill Rabinovitch.

Vesna voted for Chris Twomey as the first saint of The Church of Art, and May 29, Chris' birthday, was declared Saint Twomey's Day. Many gathered at The Church of Art to celebrate this Holy Day, including Lord Anubis, Bill Rabinovitch, Germain Falconer, Fantasy Dreamscape, Pope Vernita, High Priestess Vesna, Flashing Merlin, and Father Flash .

High Priestess Vesna decides to join Bill Rabinovitch's pilgrimage to Tatooine. Lord Anubis introduces her,
"Now, to protect us all, I've invited one of my followers, who has studied under spiritual masters,"

"and went on to become the High Priestess of The Church of Art, Vesna Vendetta."

"Anubis is right. You all desperately need my help," declares Vesna,

"because I've learned knowledge from those spiritual masters..."

"which you are ignorant of, but which is vital for your spiritual survival, and essential for your spiritual progress."

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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