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Chapter 1: Entering Second Life®

pale Infinity connects to Second Life (SL).

She finds a secluded spot to edit her appearance.

"I feel like a Barbie doll," she thinks.

pale Infinity rides toward orientation.

During orientation pale Infinity learns to move in SL.

She learns to search SL and looks for Flashing Merlin.

pale Infinity teleports to his beach house.

She wants to see the gallery devoted to her work.

pale Infinity finally arrives at her gallery.

She sits in her gallery contemplating Second Life.

Flashing Merlin tells her that a storm devastated the public beach next door, and the developer put the lots up for sale. The storm was of course the developer's doing. "Interesting ploy, set up beautiful public areas to attract people, and once they've settled in, privatize the public areas to increase profit. Apparently developers are the same in SL as everywhere," laments Flashing Merlin.

Before Storm's Devastation

After Storm's Devastation

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Visit pale's gallery in SL, pale Infinity is currently .

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