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Chapter 10: A Dialog about SL

"I'm hearing a lot of anger & hostility," observes Flashing Merlin

"If you're finished eating, let's sit on the couch. . ."

"where it's comfortable, and we can talk," he suggests.


Flashing Merlin heads for the couch.

"Would you like to start by telling me..."

"what's happening in your life?" he asks.

"I've just had a terrible disappointment. . ."

"in real life," replies pale Infinity.

"I was one of the finalists for a prestigious museum show,"

"but then I didn't make the final cut."

"I'm sorry to hear that,"

"but you shouldn't let that discourage you."

"You need to keep trying other art competitionsin real life,"

"instead of letting your anger spill over into SL."

"My brain is stressed to the breaking point."

"I can't get involved in SL, "

"and I can't understand why you're involved "

"in something so shoddy."

"So you no longer want to show your work in SL. . ."

" because of your perception that it's shoddy?"

"I don't want to think about it."

"It's all too complicated," pale demurs.

"Speaking of complications," Flashing Merlin responds,

"I had to move the gallery."

"What?? Was there another storm?" asks pale.

"Much worse. Total destruction of the sim."

"I can show you pictures. . ."

"in my media center upstairs."

Flashing Merlin leads pale

up the stairs to his bedroom.

pale Infinity hestitates to tell Flashing Merlin that she told him so, because she's not sure what happened. She doesn't know what to expect.

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