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Chapter 12: The Last Straw

"It must be this way," pale rushes to find her land.

"There it is!"

"I wonder if his frog comes with it."

"What do you think Bruno?"

"I think it's perfect."

"Plenty of North light."

"Here comes our neighbor, Flashing Merlin."

"Wait a minute!" he shouts.

"You ran out before I could finish."

"I found out the reason my neighbor moved..."

"was because this sim is closing next week."

"The owner decided to move it and start over."


"Yes, look around, Everyone is clearing out."

"I came here today to pack up."

"That's it! I don't want a Second Life like this,"

"I'm out of here."

"I see you're determined. Should I pack your paintings?"

"Sell them if you can."

"However, I want my commission in US$ not L$,"

"and don't expect me to show up for openings."

"I think you're crazy to be part of this."

"You should get help for this addiction before it ruins you."


pale Infinity decides to leave Second Life for good.

(The next novel in this series chronicles the reason for pale's return to Second Life, and her avatar's transformation. Meanwhile you can teleport directly to her new SL gallery: )

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