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Chapter 2: Perfect Paradise Island

pale Infinity is saddened by the storm's devastation.

"I'm glad this gallery wasn't damaged."

"None of the art seems to have been harmed," she relaxes.

pale Infinity looks out at the ocean, calm after the storm.

pale Infinity tours Perfect Paradise island.

"I like the traditional houses better than the modern ones."

pale Infinity flies over another gallery on the island.

"This is interesting."

"Maybe art produced in SL can only be grotesque."

pale Infinity teleports to Svarga.

pale Infinity searches Svarga. . .

looking for a studio in the country.

Svarga is a legendary SL SIM, renown for its botanical constructions.

Alas, pale Infinity is unable to find a studio on Svarga. She becomes determined to find a community to settle where the aesthetics are more like her own, rather than on Perfect Paradise Island.

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