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Chapter 3: An Invitation

pale Infinity teleports to the FurNation Kami sim...

to visit Flashing Merlin's country cottage.

"These tropical trees don't belong here."

"They could harbor frightening creatures."

"The tropical trees bother me," decides pale Infinity..

"I want to see oaks and pines like these."

"I saw oak and pines in the mid-west, where I grew up."

"The tropical trees would have to go," decides pale.

Flashing Merlin invites pale inside.

He invites her to live with him at the cottage.

"I wouldn't mind living in this cottage, but not with you."

"You've made it clear you're polyamorous."

pale Infinity turns down Flashing Merlin's offer to live with him,
explaining that his polyamorous lifestyle would be too stressful for her.
She decides to keep looking for a studio elsewhere.

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