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Chapter 5: Of Dogs & Men

"They say men are dogs,"

"but that's an insult. . ."

"to dogs!"

"Men are far more treacherous."

"A dog never tells you. . ."

"Sorry, this relationship isn't working..."

"I met someone new at the dog run, and. . ."

"I'm leaving you for a younger dog owner."

"A dog never comes home drunk,"

"or gambles away the rent."

"A dog never spends your money. . ."

"on other dog owners."

"A dog never insists on. . ."

"watching football on your TV."

"Although it won't ask for directions either,"

"a dog can always find its way home."

"A dog never leaves the. . ."

"toilet seat up."

"True, you have to clean up after a dog,"

"but the same is true for men."

"These Second Life dogs,"

"you don't even have to clean up after."

"I want a big scary animal that can defend me,"

"like a Cane Corso, or a Bull Mastif . . ."

"or an Irish Wolfhound,"

"or maybe even a wolf."

pale Infinity decides to buy a few pets. She asks her dealer for an advance,so she can afford them.

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