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Chapter 6: pale's pets

"Now to check out my new pets."

"I'll start with the tiger."

"Good, no issues with Flash's frog."


"Good tiger, good. Now, down!".

"Good tiger, good. Now, stay!."

"Good tiger. Now, sit and stay!"

"Good tiger, Now heel!"

"Good tiger, good tiger, I see you're well trained."

"I wouldn't walk around with a wild animal,"

"except maybe at Halloween."

"But I hope you'll be good at guarding my estate."

"Let me see you be ferocious. Speak!".


"Not bad for a creature that looks like a cartoon."

"Now for the bull mastiff,"

"So far, so good."

"They seem to get along together,"

"No cat and dog issues."

"Let me see what the mastiff can do,"


"I said, Sit!".

"Sit! Sit!"

"You won't sit, will you?"

"You have no idea what I'm saying, do you?"

"Let me see if you can stay. Stay!"

"No! Stay!"

"No! Don't follow me. Stay! Stay!"

"Bad dog! I said STAY!"

"You won't stay either, will you?"

"Can you speak? Speak! Speak!"

The mastiff remains silent.

"You really are a dumb dog!"

"At least you can heel."

"Come with me to Flash's beach house..."

"while I figure out what to do with you."

"This is my gallery."

"That big painting is titled, 'Walking the dog'."

"Not that you care."

"You're not even affectionate."

"My tiger makes a better pet."

"No wonder you only cost half what the tiger cost."

"I guess the pet store won't take you back."

"You can't be trained; you're not 'modifiable'."

"I suppose I can have more than one dog..."

"But what will I do with you?"

"You do have your good points."

"You don't eat, so I won't have to feed you,"

"You don't poop, so I won't have to clean after you."

"I won't ever have to pay to board you because..."

"I can just put you back into inventory if necessary."

"And you heel quite well,"

"so I guess you can just hang around with me."

pale Infinity decides to keep the tiger and the mastiff.

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