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Chapter 7: Shopping

"It snowed!"

"That poor frog shouldn't be out in this; the flowers either."

"Neither should I. I'll need warm clothes."

"I'll do a search for clothing stores."

"What's this, free clothing for women?"

"This must be the place!"

"Nice place, and it's all free?"

"Free coffee too."

"Where are the winter coats?"

"Do women really walk around like that here?"

"This is really tacky, and disgusting"

"This is all so vulgar I should leave,"

"I'll need boots for the snow."

"I want flat heels, but I don't see any,"

"I'll take that black pair temporarily."

"I'll try this Lindy jacket."

"Maybe I should get that Playboy tee for Flash."

"That coat up there looks warm; I'll try it."

"I'm happy with the shape I'm in"

"I could use running shoes. I'll take a white pair."

"Maybe this bottom pair will go with the Lindy jacket."

"This is all so tasteless and vulgar,"

"it makes me re-think SecondLife..."

"Maybe I shouldn't be here at all."

"People here buy children?"

"Why put pornography on display in a clothing store?"

"Free condos? Maybe I should look into that."

"A limo to get free clothes?"

"Enough shopping. I'll take these back & try them on."

"I'll fly in the top floor."

"I see Flash bought new furniture up here."

"There's my dog. Next I'll get my new clothes out of inventory,"

"Now to open these boxes, and try them on."

"This Lindy jacket doesn't even close."

"It seems intended to show off my breasts."

"This jacket isn't practical, it's pornographic."

"Looks like Flash traded the frog for a penguin."

"It stopped snowing,"

"but everywhere the ground is covered in snow."

"What is this other coat made of?"

"Even if it's fake fur, it sends the wrong message."

pale Infinity decides she hates her new clothes.

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