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Chapter 8: Noob Island

"Flash added a new wing to the cottage!"

"What's down here now?"

"He added a kitchen. He's into cooking?"

"And what's up here now?"

"A bathroom! He's into bathing?"

"He never told me he was planning this."

"He could have asked me if I wanted a studio here."

"I did tell him I wouldn't live with him here."

"Maybe I should look into that free condo."

"I guess the condos are down this way."

"What's the deal?"

"It doesn't say if they allow dogs."

Pop-up, "Your object Bull Mastiff has been returned..."

"I won't live anywhere that doesn't allow my dog."

"I'll look at the rest of Noob Island"

"Cute town..."

"Not bad. But, do they allow dogs here?"

"So far so good."

"I wish I could have told him to stay on the floor."

"They just returned my dog to my inventory again."

"I'll try one more place here."

"Pretty sparcely furnished,"

"but certainly large enough for a studio."

Pop-up, "Your object Bull Mastif has been returned..."

"I better look at cheap rentals elsewhere."

"This one comes with a shower & bath in the room."

"L$ 100 / wk. Can I even afford that?"

pale Infinity decides to reconsider remaining in SL.

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