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Chapter 9: A Dialog about Art

"I hope Flashing Merlin is home."

"There are issues we have to talk about."

"Hi pale, hey Bruno. . ."

"I was just about to eat. Care to join me?"

Pale Infinity joins Flashing Merlin for dinner.

"I feel don't belong here," Pale begins.

"This 'graphic net novel' isn't art."

"You can't photograph other people's art. . . "

"and call it your art work."

"The buildings, the trees, even my dog. . ."

"are really other peoples' art work."

"The highest compliment you can pay an artist. . ."

"is to say his or her work isn't art."

"It means they've pushed their art beyond. . . ."

"what to you are the limits of art."

"You can't justify plagiarism by calling it art. . ."

"no real artist photographs other peoples' art work."

"Did you see the Richard Prince show at the Guggenheim?"

"His work is about re-photographing other peoples' art."

"I know his work. He re-photographs ads, changing. . ."

"the context of the ad image to make his work art."

"Exactly! Since Duchamp exhibited a urinal as sculpture. . ."

"context has been a key to post-modern art."

"The context in which I use these images, this very conversation,"

"is what makes graphic SL novels a serious artform."

"There's nothing serious about the art in SL,"

"it's a game for adolescents."

"Otherwise you wouldn't have porn. . ."

"popping up in clothing stores."

"I saw that chapter," replies Flash, "It wasn't even nudity,"

"let alone porn! Just sexy clothes."

"You can accuse me of being a prude, but . . ."

"nobody is going to take SL seriously as art," insists pale.

"Have you seen the latest ARTnews?"

"I'll show you my copy."

"It's over here with the magazines."

"Take a look at the cover."

"SL is featured as the 'Newest New Media'!"

"Being new media doesn't make it art," pale retorts.

"The article says these post-modern issues which we've been discussing have led to the concept of the Creative Commons license whereby artists working in such environments declare 'some rights reserved,' rather than the traditional, 'all rights reserved'," Flashing Merlin summarizes.

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