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Lord Anubis Speaks

Lord Anubis

"The temples are in ruins. Repent! I have have returned, and what do I find? Ye have forsaken the ancient ways, ye have abandoned the ancient gods! Admit it! Who amongst ye has offered a prayer to Isis, or Osiris, Horus or Ra recently? Not even the Greek or Roman gods, Zeus and Hera, or Jupiter and Juno. Nor Thor, nor Vulcan even!

"Repent, repent! How did such folly befall ye? Do ye not know what fate awaits the faithless? How is it ye have abandoned the ancient gods? How is it ye have lost all understanding of the spiritual world?

"No doubt that villian, Theodosius is first due blame. I see most of you have forgotten who he was, and good riddence. He was the Roman Emperor who ordered the closing of the Pagan temples. He's condemned to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, but that does not help ye who have fallen victim to his folly."

Lord Anubis "We are merciful gods. We can forgive ye, because ye have lost sight of the ancient knowledge, and this, We see, is not your fault. Ye have been misled by fools! And so I will try to explain the truths which ancient Egyptians took thousands of years to understand, but which hath been lost to ye."

"Ye of the west have mocked the polytheists. But your monotheism is not an advance in theology, it has been a regression. The polytheists did not need to fight over which god they worshiped. That is a clearer understanding of the godhead than ye have to this day. "

"Among ye, both the Jews and Muslims worship the same god, but they can not agree, and they fight to the death. The Protestants and Catholics worship the same trinity, but they fight still. These are the consequences of monotheism, When ye believe there is only one vision of truth, then any difference interpreting truth can turn into war. Polytheism respected diverse points of view. Monotheism disrespects them, this is why it fails to bring peace in this world, or the next."

Lord Anubis

"Now I urge monotheists to repent, to admit the disasterous results of their beliefs manifested in religous persecution, religious wars, religious discrimination and intolerance. And I urge them to accept that the godhead they worship takes many forms. Respect the ancient gods, rebuild the ancient temples, stop fighting, and restore Maat, the ancient harmony of the universe. Say, Amen!

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