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The Fifth Sermon of Lord Anubis

The fifth sermon of Lord Anubis, since His return to Earth to dwell in a new idol, was delivered aboard a virtual space craft traveling through the Metaverse. Lord Anubis was invited to join this pilgrimage to the Tatooine SIM, but He is soon confronted by the ship's skeptical navigator, an android named Fantasy Dreamscape.

"I don't believe Anubis is an ancient god. He appears to just be someone who is role playing an ancient god." observes Fantasy.

"Ye do not understand the gods, Fantasy," declares Lord Anubis.

"Neither do most humans, so I shall try to explain the ancient beliefs."

'I'll start with the function of an idol."

"Much as people in the West believe..."

"that humans have a spirit residing in a body; so too the ancient Egyptians believed..."

"they needed to offer their god's spirit a body to reside in..."

"if they wanted those gods to dwell amongst them."

"Today people mistakenly say pagans worshiped their idols. Not true.
They worshiped the spirit of their god, which they hoped would dwell in the idol."

"This is one of my temples in Egyot, one of the few to survive."

"Egyptian idols were typically ancient wood carvings."

"Greek and Roman idols could be elaborate marble sculptures."

"Priests attended an Egyptian idol. They dressed it, carried it through the streets in processions,
and gave signs to followers who wanted to know the mind of their god."

"Today it is similar: thy priests speak for thy gods,"

"much as my priests spoke for me then..."

"and are speaking for me now."

"However, what they speak comes not from them,"

"but from my spirit dwelling within this idol and within them," concludes Anubis.

Fantasy objects, "Many people dwelling on Earth believe..."

"there is only one God, and you're not Him!"

"An unfortunate misconception. If ye read 1 Kings 11:5 - 8, ye will learn King Solomon,
wisest man in their Bible, worshiped many gods. Ye are not wiser than Solomon!"

"Your Bible reference checks out, but what do you mean, "

"your spirit dwells within your priests and speaks through them?"

"I will try to explain spirit,in terms a bot can understand:
Religions to humans are like an operating system to a bot."

"Just as a bot without an operating system could not function..."

"humans without a belief system, wouldn't know..."

"what they were expected to do. Think of gods and religions as..."

"neural software programs running in a human mind."

"Existing as software in the minds of my followers, I am just as real as any software running on your mainframe."

Fantasy doesn't relent, "Have you any proof that gods "

"existing as neural software can be considered real?"

"Yea, to give one example, the proof that..."

"the god of Al-Queda exists is this:"

"The World Trade Towers are no longer standing. That god, running as neural software in the minds of a few dozen believers..."

"brought down the towers, plunged the world into war,"

"and cost the enemies of His followers billions of dollars,"

"What more proof do ye need that even if We gods only exist as neural software..."

" that is enough to make us immensely powerful,and certainly to be feared! "

"So, you gods exist only as neural software in the minds of men?"

"That We are at least neural software can be proved to a bot by logic."

"To believe We are more requires faith,.. "

"a human trait of which bots are not capable."

"Is that a disadvantage for me?"

"Not necessarily."

"You seem pretty knowledgable about computers for an ancient god."

"I have always been at the fore of science. Ancient Egyptian priests were the scientists and engineers of their day."

"They built the dams that irrigated crops and fed the people."

"They built the great pyramids, engineering marvels..."

"which ye cannot understand to this day."

"My priests understood the power of genetic engineering,"

"and were able to preserve the DNA of my followers"

"in their mummies, so now their journey"

"through the Netherworld can end as they are resurrected from the dead by genetic engineering today,"

"Say what?"

"Can you prove you can resurrect the dead as you described?"

"Yea, the NY Times reported on my success on April 16, 1985"

"Wait, I can access the NY Times data base..."

"Your reference checks out. According to the NY Times, ancient DNA from a mummy had been preserved, and was resurrected."

"But even if the bodies of those mummies"

"were cloned by genetic engineers"

"those bodies would have no memory of their former lives."

"The spirits of our dead dwell in the art in their tombs."

"The resurrected bodies can recover their spirits,.."

"much as an amesiac today might recover lost memories..."

"by looking at their old photographs and reading their diaries."

"Even if those clones learn who they were..."

"they won't be the same person"

"Humans are never the same person."

"Bill isn't the same person today he was 10 years ago. He's learned things he didn't know then. He's forgotten things he knew then"

"The object is to resurrect a dynamically changing person."

"The greatest difficulty is, ye must be born again."

"Didn't Jesus preach we must be born again?" asks Bill.

"Yea, he learned it in Egypt."

"Jesus was in Egypt?"

"Yea, see Matthew 2: 13."

"Well, ok existing as a meme in "

"the minds of your followers..."

"gives you tremendous power, and you may be able to raise the dead. Impressive."


"Can you also prove that you created the Earth?"

"I do not claim to have created the Earth,"

"although other gods have made such claims."

"My best understanding of how I came to exist"

"is that men and gods co-evolved."

"We gods needed men's minds to dwell in,"

"and men needed gods to guide them."

"Men's minds and the gods evolved together."

"Tribes without gods soon perished without guidance."

"If the gods were so necessary for survival,"

"why did belief in the ancient gods die out?"

"During the times ye call the Dark Ages,"

"a sect rose to power which adopted a new method of winning converts"

"they hunted down and slaughtered all the pagan priests,"

"and burnt at the stake pagans who did not renounce their gods."

"Not just Egyptian gods, but followers of the Greek and Roman gods were also exterminated."

"This horrendous evil went on for centuries.until our followers were almost all wiped out."

"It is only in recent times that men have been allowed..."

"to worship the ancient gods again,"

"Ancient beliefs have now become the fast growing religions."

"Can you prove you have supernatural powers?"

"Men call 'supernatural,' whatever they can not explain with their sciences."

"To call a god's power supernatural,"

"only means men can't understand it yet."

"There are powers a human's mind is capable of"

"which science on Earth has lost knowledge of.today."

"When the gods working through men's minds use those psychic powers, ye call it supernatural."

"It is only through judicious use of such powers that ye may restore Maat, the ancient peace of the universe, on Earth."

Excerpted from www.Rabinart.com. Used by permission.

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