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Sermons of Lord Anubis

Lord Anubis

Sermon 1

Repent! Respect the ancient gods.
Delivered in a puppet theater on Spring Street, NYC, c. 2000

Sermon 2

The Netherworld
Delivered at the MicroMuseum on 10/30/2004

Sermon 3

Origin of the Idol
Delivered at the Exit Art show, "The Studio Visit," 2006

Sermon 4

On the death of Osama bin Laden
Delivered at the virtual Abbottabad in the Metaverse, 2011

Sermon 5

On Myth as the Software of the Neural Network
Delivered on a virtual star freighter, 2015

Sermon 6

Comments on the Debate between Deepak Chopra and Richard Dworkin
Delivered in a virtual art gallery, 2016

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