Sketches for a Theory:

Schroedinger, and Observed Quantized Redshifts

Solutions to Schroedinger's Equation
*for a single particle in a one dimensional infinite harmonic potential

Solutions to Schroedinger's equation for the four lowest energy states*, plotted by Bob Sturm

Bob Sturm- composerscientist, MA MST from CCRMA, Stanford

Flash Light- light artist with 30 years experience on the ArtSci frontier


This is a collaboration between Bob Sturm, here after referred to as the Physicist, and Flash Light, here after referred to as the Artist. The Artist desires to draw a sketch expressing his view of the relationship between the micro world of quantum mechanics, and the macro world of cosmology. He does not desire to illustrate the Physicist's ideas, but to express his own feelings about what to observe. Issues in the collaboration include whether the Physicist can help the Artist articulate his vision, and whether that vision can have any meaning or usefulness to the Physicist.