Description of Materials and Methodology:

Solutions to Schroedinger's Equation

*for a single particle in a one dimensional infinite harmonic potential

Solutions to Schroedinger's equation for the four lowest energy states*, plotted by Bob Sturm

The Artist proposes to draw sketches comparing two sets of data. One set includes the observations by Tifft that the redshift of cosmology occurs in discreet steps, not continuously as scientists had expected. (Tifft, Cocke, De Vito, 1996 "Quantum Cosmology," Astrophysics and Space Science, 238, 247.) The second data set involves extending Schroedinger's equations into the cosmic realm. Included is a graph by the Physicist of the solutions to Schroedinger's equation for the four lowest energy states* plotted over the domain of the atom. Where there is a hump there is a possibility of finding the electron around that position. The final product would be graphs showing solutions for the highest energy states plotted along a cosmic domain and juxtaposed against graphs of Tifft's observations. For the Artist, the essential question is illustrating whether the sum of probabilities for the existence of electrons over a cosmic domain correlates with the number of discreet steps observed by Tifft in the red shift over the same domain. The Artist's inference is that a correlation would suggest the phenomena in Tifft's observations were caused by Quantum Mechanical principles. The Physicist's role is both to aid in the plotting, and to decide whether any correlations are observable, and whether they would have any actual meaning to science.