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Buddah, after Jizo Bosatsu, 13th century
Votary, Cyprus, 500 B.C.
Votary, Cyprus
Door board, Papau, New Guinea, circa 1910
Door board, New Guinea
Iunghak  Inja Mask, Amnh
Inja Mask, Amnh
Stela of King Raneb, 2880 B.C.
Horus, ancient Egypt
Vanuatu, New Hebrides
Vanuatu, New Hebrides
Maened, roman bacchante, IV B.C.
Maened, ancient Rome
Satyr, Attic 450 B.C.
Satyr, Attic Greek
Censur, Maya, 8-9th century
Censur, Maya
Teotihuacan, Mexic, 3-7th century
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Sacred Scarab, ancient Egypt
Sacred Scarab, ancient Egypt
Earth Spirit, T'ang Dynasty
Earth Spirit, T'ang

Our apologies to the many gods not yet listed here. We hope to honor almost all in time.

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