Artist's Statement

Heisenberg explained why statistical methods were necessary to determine the position of the electron by his "Uncertainty" principle. Einstein, however disagreed, and argued that it should be possible to determine the position of an electron by calculating it from the results of the collision. The photon observing the electron careens off, and by observing where the photon winds up, you can calculate where the electron was.

I believe Einstein was correct, however there seemed to be no other explanation for the statistical results, so Heisenberg won out. Not withstanding Heisenberg's victory, it has proven impossible to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity ever since.

As an artist, I would like to offer a third viewpoint: Heisenberg was correct in recognizing that statistical methods were necessary to determine the position of the electron, but wrong in his theory of "Uncertainty." Einstein was correct when he disproved Heisenberg's thesis.

The reason statistical methods are necessary is not "Uncertainty," but rather "Instability." Time-space is unstable, and all else follows from that. Because time-space is unstable the position of the electron can only be determined statistically. Because time-space is unstable it is able to curve as Einstein theorized. Because time-space is unstable, the Casimir effect of sub-atomic particles popping in and out of existence, occurs. Because time-space is unstable, resonances can occur which take the form of energy and matter.

The essence of science today is the mathematical representation, prediction and verification of physical ideas, so I propose the concept of Instability can be represented by the following equation:

I = H

I represents Instabilty
H represents heat

That is to say, the methods of dealing with heat are actually dealing with the instabilty of time space, and one can see why equations of thermodynamics apply to quantum mechanics.

For a prediction, I offer the following syllogism: If the principle of Instability accounts for the statistical behavior of the electron, and the principle of Instability also applies to the cosmic domain, then Schroedinger's equations which were thought to only apply to electrons over the micro domain, will also be seen to also apply to photons over the cosmic domain.

For a specific example I refer the viewer to The purpose of this site is to provoke an art-science dialog on the theory of Instability, as a resolve to the Einstein vs. Heisenberg debate, and to that end, scientists are invited to respond via e-mail.


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